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“The Last Secret of Nikola Tesla” arrives. Available NOW.Click on the image to download (as a pdf file) The Last Secret of Nikola Tesla, a fantasy and adventure novel. Only $3.49.

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What would happen if Indiana Jones met Nikola Tesla? Surely a grand adventure would follow, but unfortunately, these two are not going to meet.  Tesla is long dead, but his inventions and his mystery live on. So what would happen if two college students, who would rather not  have an adventure, stumble across anunknown page of Tesla’s life? A page that links Tesla directly to the First Time, the time before pyramids were built, the time when gods ruled ancient Egypt. Tesla’s work and inventions they uncover would change the world as we know it. Unfortunately, this also occurs to another person who knows of the mysterious Tesla’s legacy, and unlike Tesla, wants to use it to rule the world. Thus ensues a Great Race, a race back to the origins of the Civilizations, from Florida to New York,  through the White Desert of Egypt, to Alexandria, and back again. Along the way they solve the mystery of the Great Pyramid and find out what happened to the legendary Atlantis. Oh, and save the world of course, if they make it out alive. Perhaps there is a touch of Indiana Jones in them after all. We will see.Join them on the ride. They could always use a friend to be with them, when the going gets tough.

READ THE LAST SECRET OF NIKOLA TESLA, a Book 2 of the Tales of the Van Senmut College. The Book 1 is called Spear of Seth(see below). Both books can be read separately (different stories about the same heroes).  Click on the image to buy The Last Secret of Nikola Tesla. Only $3.49.

Novels of Adventure and Fantasy


Are you looking for Indy?  You could try go to go movies for $10 per ticket…nah, they don’t play  it. Or you could get a Netflicks subscription. Not that cheap either,  and you already saw that movie anyway. So are all the wonderful  adventures, where the ancient past
meets present, gone for good? Not really.  You can have those adventures with someone else,  and you even get two for the price of one. Meet Alex and HeatherThey may be a lot like you. They are students at an American college, living a typical student life, classes and all. Of course, then they get a rather special summer job… If you want  to explore the Egypt Underworld with them,  click on the image on the left to download (as a pdf file) Spear of Seth, an adventure and fantasy novel for only $3.49.