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1. Be Creative! the most desireble part about blogging is that it is exceptionally you! You can express yourself, your concepts, and your opinions. But not just that, everything on your blog represents you. Get to know the tools, widgets, and options you have to change the layout, color, background, text. Make your blog undeniably you!

2. Change it up! Not only can you find a perfect layout, you can change your appearance and themes as occassionally as you like! Go with the seasons! Go with your mood! Add and change up your visuals, music, and other elements to keep things upbeat and interesting.

3. experiment with several blogs. you don’t have to stick to one blog. Say you have a blog that all your colleagues and family know about, and there’s certain things you can’t say or write about because of who might read it. Or say you started this blog with a certain theme or tone, so you can’t write about other things because it doesn’t fit the blog. Well, why not have two? You can even use a pen name and be completely anonymous on the second blog. You could have a deep, intellectual blog and a bright, funny blog. You could have a dark, moody blog and a witty, professional blog. Who says you can only express one side of yourself?

4. Blog on the side. perhaps you’re not a big blogger and, although you enjoy an occasional post, you don’t have the time or energy to update very often. try a social network instead of a blog network. Most social networks, like Facebook and MySpace, have the opportunity for blogging, but there’s other things to do as well. From games to simple status updates to messaging friends, you can maintain an account without having to constantly write blog posts. Yet, you’ll still get a chance to write a post where your colleagues can see it whenever you want!

5. Look around! You can always get ideas from other seasoned bloggers. You can get inspiration on what to write about, how to design your blog page, and even ask questions from seasoned web log runners all over the Internet. Check out Technorati.com or perform a search engine Blog search to find all kinds of blogs on the internet.

6. Stay safe! Keep in mind that your posts are exceptionally open to the general public. you must be careful how much identity information you post on your web presence. Even if you put in tiny bits of information here and there, all someone would have to do is read all your entries to piece together quite lots of information about you! You are certainly free to use a pen name and fictional names that would give away your location, school or work name to avoid sharing too much personal information. In many cases, this would likely be recommended.

7. Join the community! There are many bloggers like you out there who have some fascinating tales and posts you might be keen on! From the home page of your blog host provider, you can often search for blog with similar topics or interests. You can read and comment on other people’s posts and subscribe to their sites to get updates when they post again. The more you connect with others, the more they will connect with you, read your posts, and subscribe to you!